Author: NIAMH

One-armed bandits seized from casinos in Ireland

A large-scale operation was carefully organized by the Irish authorities as part of a judicial investigation into illegal gambling.

Several slot machines were seized by the police. A police operation kept under wraps until now, the authorities have hit hard on a single day to deter and discreetly arrest those responsible under the code name: Operation “Blackjack”.

Investigations that lasted several months led to the arrest of these suspected members. All the operations took place during a single day. 15 premises searched and 60 police officers seized of the case to apprehend the criminals.

It was in the back of a wooden garden house that the legal authorities discovered the big jackpot. 60 slot machines in very good conditions. Police officers, who are very concerned about the situation, have seen a marked increase in illegal gambling in urban areas. More than 10,000 books were notably discovered in this cabin. In total of all these searches, more than 25,000 sterling seized.

The story does not end there. The police raid that was organized in the city came as part of a thorough investigation against the fight against gambling for minors.

Nothing was declared and adults and many children devoted their days to their passion: “The game!”

Several families, friends and relatives were worried about seeing their child sink more and more into games and abandon themselves in delinquency and theft of all kinds.

According to the words of a father, their child was sometimes even pushed to steal from his family in order to be able to play. Despite this police raid, several parents have lodged a complaint for this brutal and spectacular crackdown.

To believe that stopping this crime or continuing to let it happen was in both cases the fault of the authorities.

Wagering money in Ireland is not in itself illegal. The law is clear on this point. However, all gambling must be declared to the State. A suspicious man has been arrested. He is also accused of letting children play, which could increase his sentence. An investigation is currently underway. the questions continue. The man was released during the investigation.

Info: The laws on hard and online gambling in France are not the same as in Ireland. There is currently in this country a partial release of games. The law remains strict, but more flexible than in our country. Did you know that in Ireland, Poker was considered a sport?

However, Ireland is currently experiencing financial problems. The government may as early as the second half of 2013 pass a law to more strictly regulate online gambling in France.

According to the government, it would be more than 20 million tax revenues to be taken. A godsend for the state. The aim of this law, which will be more liberal in itself, will allow online gaming to see offshore companies and national gaming operators present in the same gaming circle. They will therefore both be able to practice in Ireland without restriction.

Online gaming regulations evolve in the USA

After the Nevada authorization for online games, regulations are also changing in New Jersey. Both states have now become pioneers in the internet gaming industry. These regulations, which arise after years of negotiations, have finally come to fruition and may in the near future pave the way for other member states.

Things turned out very well at the start of the week for the State of New Jersey. The regulations have been passed and the state has permission to offer online games on its territory. However, the law remains very strict because the government fears that addiction problems could undoubtedly cause some major problems for some players.

The American Congress does not wish to see any slippage on this subject. It is for this reason that each gaming company that will be licensed in New Jersey will have to pay an annual royalty of $ 250,000. This sum will help curb and fund associations that defend compulsive gambling in order to aggressively treat and prevent any gambling addiction.

The amount of this royalty is high but sends a strong message to show that online gambling should be reasonable.

This mandatory fee allows industries to collaborate and report any signs of abuse by a player. However, this does not mean that there will be no problem with gambling addiction. This royalty is a financial resource to raise the tone of gaming platforms in order to contribute with the authorities.

The American states have therefore decided to tackle the issue before it becomes a major problem. Now all eyes are on New Jersey and Nevada. The state of Nevada has opened its first poker room in a beta on the Internet. New Jersey plans to do the same by late fall.

Note that each poker platform wishing to operate in a state authorizing online gambling will have to pay not only $ 250,000 per year but also a gambling license fee of $ 400,000 payable upon the official opening of an online platform.

The next step for New Jersey will be to collect residents’ comments on their views on the new regulations within 60 days.

The United States lived 7 years in the prohibition of playing online poker. Since 2006, under the government of the bush, the sites very annoyed not to be able to exercise on the American territory had considered at the time to widen in Europe and in the other countries of the third world. Unfortunately, a few years later, the member states of the European Union launched several regularizations to control gambling on the Internet. The sites did not have the choice to follow the imposed rules.

Even if the United States has taken a big step in the regulation of online games, the fact remains that payment sites like Neteller with the exception of Moneybookers remain banned in the territory. The method of payment by check, credit card or bank transfer remains the only choice for American citizens.